Our Work


A-Z dogs provided10 trained dogs for Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer in the UK, a new National Geographic Channel TV series. Styled on Eastenders' Old Vic, the trailer for the series had The Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan, in attendance. Cesar delighted all by his warm friendly manner and his genuine interest in all the dogs present at the shoot. Nowadays Cesar Millan is a global brand which just goes to show how popular dogs are on this planet of ours.


A-Z Dogs provided and supervised an entire cast of dogs for this Netjets viral entitled “Alphonse”. Netjets is an excutive jet company owned by Warren Buffet. What a great idea this was; a cheeky Jack Russell private jetting around Europe winning Grande Prix dogs shows all before him.

Then when he’s bagged all the trophies it’s time to get home to his English country pile to see his very tall ravishing wife, a beautiful Standard Poodle, and his darling kids. This was a fun shoot to do which shot at various UK locations including Biggin Hill Airport.


It is a delight for A-Z Dogs to be involved in The Wizard of Oz at The London Palladium. Always a privilege to work along side hugely talented artists and a highly experienced technical team, this is a particularly special assignment. This new stage musical of The Wizard of Oz, produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Bill Kenwright, is jaw-dropping in its performances, music, choreography and design. The creative and technical staging of the The Wizard of Oz the Musical is cutting edge in every respect and as such, requires special dogs to play the role of Toto. A-Z Dogs has cast and trained four dogs, Dazzle, Razz, Topper and Bobby, to share this iconic canine role. Each Toto brings his own distinct personality and tempo to the role with the common denominator being that all the dogs have a warm, friendly and outgoing personality with a keen intellect! West Highland Terriers are clever little dogs, full of vim and verve!

The dog who was cast in the classic 1939 film of The Wizard of Oz was a brindle Cairn Terrier named Terry. Cairns, in my experience, are much more a “one person dog" than Westies. Within the context of producing a film, a Cairn could make sense but perhaps not so in a theatrical stage production. Because The Wizard of Oz The Musical is a live-theatre technically advanced collaborative piece, with a large on-stage cast and off-stage technical team, it is essential that the dog playing Toto is a “people person” - friendly to all and pleased to see everybody. Westies are therefore the perfect choice. See here for more details about The Wizard of Oz http://www.wizardofozthemusical.com/


Bassett Hound for MoreThan Pet Insurance from A-Z Animals on Vimeo.

A-Z Dogs provided trained dogs for the More Than Freeman TV Ads "Tail" and "Garden" recently. I particularly like the "Tail" Ad idea which features a lovely Bassett Hound called Alfie. This was an interesting job. The brief: propose a Bassett Hound that has a lovely waggy tail that will wag, stop wagging and then wag again. Easy ehhh! A-Z Dogs has been casting dogs for  TV commercials for 27 years now and the creatives in Ad Agencies can still surprise me. While noodling through The Times the other day I noticed a story about the More Than Ads' voice over and character More Than Freeman creating some interest with Hollywood Superstar Morgan Freeman's management company in LA. I must say the voice overs do bear a striking resemblance.



When A-Z Dogs is casting a dog for a filming or photography project there are a number of criteria that inform the correct choice. Here are the three most important ones. The "look" of the dog is usually the attribute most present in the mind of the client. However, a friendly outgoing temperament is I believe also essential.

Indeed, the ideal dog from my perspective is one that has an inner confidence, a sense of themselves as an individual

I guess in human terms we might say, one that has high self esteem. Although a strange way of putting it,  this particular character trait can be invaluable.

This is the trait that allows a particular dog to project presence or another way of putting it, charisma. And that, at the end of the day, is what the client is really after. Although they would rarely articulate it in such terms.

Canine charisma is found in all types of dogs from Pedigree Dogs to Crossbreds.